Breaking Bad: Journey Into Trafficking (Part 5 of 5)

We are now in the finale episodes of this anti-sage and are coming closer to the end of it all. We have witnessed the beginning. You started off as a common man and through a short time have evolved into a killer with no remorse. The only thing left for you to do is accept who you have become and understand that there is no forgiveness for you. Millions of dollars have been procured from selling innocent, virgin, adolescent preteens, and forcing them to do what you want by various methods, including rape, torture, addicting them to drugs, and simply tricking them. Billions upon billions have been made by the people higher than you also. This is who you are and now we will see how you end. 

Season 5 

You try and cover up your wrong doings. You don’t want people knowing you poisoned a little boy and murdered your distributer. All the other atrocities you are fairly certain either no one will find out about or link them to you. You do not remember to get rid of the cameras that have footage of you. You are scarred and hope that they are too damaged to present any footage. You need to get the computer to delete it all, but it is in police lock-up. You decide to infiltrate the lock-up and destroy it yourself. Now you can add robbery and obstruction of justice to your resume. You are an angry, cocky man who is on a power trip and starts forcing people to do things. You won’t let your lawyer leave your life and you don’t acknowledge people around you opinions. Your wife is a shell of a person now with everything she’s been involved with. She seems so lifeless. You tell her we are doing what we do for good reasons, family. You still lie to yourself and everyone around. You decide since your old facility is compromised you will now sell inside peoples houses while it is under the guise of being fumigated. No one will question your strange people in there. You lie to your family about the whole truth and make people not like your wife instead of you. You are hated and wished dead by her. Your birthday goes by and none really cares. You use your relationship with Hank your brother-in-law to your advantage to sneak in his DEA office and plant a bug to keep tags on what he knows about your operations. You are going to kill an associate of yours even though you know she didn’t do what you originally wanted to kill her for. She is saved by telling you of a train full of girls on their way to a bible study. You go to the tracks and set up a heist. You get the train to stop and streak all the girls off of it with out a problem. Then a little boy that was catching a tarantula in the desert sees them. Even though he doesn’t know what he witnessed one of your associates pulls a gun on him and you allow him to kill the little boy. Child killer. You no longer truly care about anyone. You have little past feelings for your closed ones, but you no longer simply care about producing girls you sell, you care about building your empire. You want it all. Your people want out of the business, but you don’t let them. You are tied up as someone tries to escape the business. You do not like that and slowly decide how to handle it. You decide to go to him and question him. Then when you are mad you shoot him in the stomach to die. You now realize that he had people working for him that were loyal to him. You plan with a convict to have them all killed in prison. You noticed a present that was given to you was gone that can link you to the business. Hank finds it and you two talk. He knows it was you and you try to reason with him. He wants to kill you, but he can’t lawfully. You taunt him saying theres nothing he can do because you won’t live long enough to see the inside of a jail cell. You bury your cash in the desert. Hank questions our wife and she does not give you up. She is really involved now. Your family hates you and tells you to kill yourself. You make a video incriminating Hank. You say he forced you to do all that you did. You learn that your partner knows that you poisoned the little boy he was close to previously. He is rabid and grabs a gun and parks a car in your yard and begins pouring gasoline all over your house. He decides not to burn it down though and you don’t hear from  him. You then call him to meet, but he gets spooked thinking you are going to kill him. He says he’s going to oil you and that he is taking your money. You freak and plan to have him killed by your associates. Now you plan to lure jesse out so he can be killed. You get a picture from jesse of your buried cash and he says he’s going to burn it all. Frantic you hurry to the site. Once you get there you realize it was a trap set for you, You call your hit squad. You see that jesse brought two people, hank and hank’s partner. You realize you have been rated out and order the men not to come kill jesse. You are held at gunpoint. You get on your knees and are handcuffed. Your brother-in-law arrested you. Then after they celebrate for a moment on catching you two cars pull up. The hit squad came after all. Guns are drawn and after a few words bullets begin firing. You see hanks partner is dead and hank is wounded. The men point their guns at hanks head. You beg them not to do it and that you would give them your money. They kill hank. This marks the last bit of humanity disappearing from your life. The men then go dig up and steal your money leaving you only one of the seven barrels holding $80 million dollars. You then tell them to kill jesse who you see hiding under one of the cars. They agree, but will interrogate him first. You then tell jesse that you watched his girlfriend die and did nothing, adding a deep paid to jesse. You care about nothing. You make it back home and franticly pack suitcases for you and your family who all know about your trafficking business. They thought you were arrested and deduce that Hank is dead now. Your family hates you and calls the police on you. You then steal your baby and drive off. You call your wife, but know the police are listening. You try to hold on to your humanity by giving your wife an alibi on the phone. You tell them that Hank is dead and your not coming back. You go to a man who can make you disappear. You also plan a way to kill the men you hired to kill jesse that killed hank. Your lawyer is there with you because he is disappearing too. You try and intimidate him into helping you, but your cancer makes you stet coughing and he is no longer intimidated and says he’s done, then leaves. You are smuggled in a propane tank to an isolated cabin that will be your new home. This is where you stay for months. You leave finally and go to a bar. You see the people in your old business you started before the sex trafficking donate $28 million in the cause to fight sex trafficking. They say you contributed nothing to the company except its name. This is a lie, but none wants to have any association with you. You impersonate a journalist to say you want to write an article on them. You learn when they will get home.You go to their home and break in. You threaten them and make them bring all your money inside and order them to give it to your son on his 18th birthday. You make them believe they will be killed by snipers if they do not. Your assassins were fake and they tell you that the same kind of girls you used to sell are still being sold and people think that they came from you. You meet with people that are selling your girls who are the people who took your money and killed hank. You slip poison in one of their drink which slowly kills her later. You prepare to kill all the others and make a plan. You stop by to see your wife who gives you 5 minutes to talk. You tell her she and the kids will be taken care of and that the men that can cause them harm will be taken care of. You say that you did not sell the girls for the family to be taken care of. You finally admit that You liked it. You make it to the house where they all are. After some words are spoke, your trunk is rigged with an M60 machine gun that fires an entire row of bullets into the house. Everyone is killed except you, your old partner and one of the people who jesse kills. He unlocks himself and you give him a gun and he points it at you, but doesn’t kill you. He escapes to go be free. You were hit by one of the bullets and know you will die soon. You go to the building they sell girls in at their compound. You go in and touch everything and smile. You have finally accepted who you are and then you fall and die, at the last second seeing the police rush in. 

That is the end of Breaking Bad: Journey Into Trafficking. You were a normal man. You became something else entirely and left a trail of heartache and death in your wake. Your legacy will not be a good one. You will go down in history as a monster. This is what people love to watch. They didn’t miss a second of this murderous, lying, stealing, impersonating, manipulative, condescending, conspiring, sex trafficker. Some even relate or feel for him. That is why the industry grows as strong as it is. Though it can be hard to attack, people just don’t care enough. The ones that do are the ones that have been effected. Only then do they see how terrible this is and realize that there is nothing they can do because of lack of interest. You need to take interest before it becomes too late and you become helpless to forces beyond your control.  


Breaking Bad: Journey Into Trafficking (Part 4 of 5)

Well now we are in full swing. Morality is becoming a thing of the past and the selling of prepubesent virgin girls to the highest bidder. Life is in shambles and all that seems right is the unchanging formula you have for succumbing these adolescents to be sold. You still care about your family, but that doesn’t mean that is a priority of importance. It is rather a vacation from your new life as a sex trafficker.

Season 4

You have a stare off with the man planning to kill you as soon as he hears that your plan failed. Luckily for you, Jesse killed the unsuspecting man in order to save you. You hope that no one else can replicate your methods either. As your distributer walks in he without a word slits the throat of the person working for him while looking at you blankly. You now go home to a woman who doesn’t care anymore. And now you work for an employer who will no longer meet you face to face, at least for now. You also have a hard time spending your vast amounts of cash because one slip up could ruin everything. Now you get your wife to help you launder your money making her an accomplices well as hatch a scheme to say how you earned your money for your laundering business. Now you finally decide to worry about your partner who you believe might make himself a target and are worried when he disappears for a while. You now have to lure girls alone for a while which takes a really long time. You learn that your distributer is trying to turn your partner against you. It seems like he is trying to find another way to get rid of you. Because he does not like you the distributor fires and deports the people helping work in your front business. You now decide to try and kill him by convincing one of your girls to kill him again. You have no freedom because your every move is watched. Your brother is on to your distributer, but he is the only one. He asks for your help putting you in a dangerous predicament as well as him. You do this, playing both sides. You also want to kill your boss, but you can’t get near him, so you track your partner and see him visit him. You get mad at your partner because he didn’t have the guts to murder someone and you too fight. You loose the fight and your partner tells you to leave and never come back. You miss your sons 16th birthday. You’re ashamed of how you look. Your partner was forced to Mexico to try and teach the people there your methods for abducting minors and now you learn many people died in a incident there. You don’t know if he is alive or dead, but you do know its your fault. While you play both sides your brother in law has a suspicion about the facility you do business in luring your girls and peeping them for sell. As you are about to enter, you intentionality get your car hit by another car. This could have severely injured you or your brother in law, but you didn’t care, as long as you didn’t get caught. Luckily for you only minor injuries were sustained. You learn that jesse is still alive only by noticing someone else has been using your facility while you’ve been gone and it could only have been him. You get drug out into the dessert where you are told by your distributer that you are fired. You get cocky and say that you have nothing to worry about because if they could kill you that you would already be dead. He retorts by informing you that he would kill yours and your brother-in-laws entire family if you intervened in any more of the sex trafficking affairs. You are scarred and decide to make you and your family disappear and ware the authorities that your brother in law is in danger. You go to get the money you stashed to pay the man, but then find out your wife gave it to the man she was sleeping with to get him out of some legal trouble. You start to loose your mind and laugh unprecedentedly about your life. A kid in your partners life is severely poisoned and he thinks you did it and confronts you with his gun. You did do it, but You convince him it wasn’t you and to kill the distributer and not you. You attempt to kill him yourself with a pipe bomb, but you fail. You need information and get it for a fee from your lawyers secretary, but you have to get the cash from home. You are afraid someone might be in the house to kill you so you call and lie to your neighbor to go in your house first saying the stove was on. This could kill you completely uninvolved neighbor, but you don’t care. At least it isn’t you. You now convince an old enemy to kill him and set the trap. The bomb explodes and he is dead, because of you. 

This was season 4

You are now on a relentless rampage to live you life that is already numbered because of your cancer. You appear to want to take everyone down with you if you can. You were once a nice, law abiding, respectful citizen that did not care about humiliation or anything as long as you took care of your family. Now you are a murderous, lying, manipulative man with an adopted sense of purpose, power, and importance. You only care about selling your virgin adolescents to be sold and raped for years to come because of the profit you gain for “your family” and how “alive” it make your dying body feel. This is an important, informative, satisfying, and pleasing Television show and we are grateful it exists because we can see ourselves in his eyes and rationalize every decision made. This is slowly conditioning us to turn a blinder eye to terrible problems like this and be more sympathetic to perpetrators as well as not caring as much about it because it seems common place in society because everyone watches it all the time on television. 


Breaking Bad: Journey Into Trafficking (Part 3 of 5)

Do you still find yourself relating to the charicter? It is a great show, people love it. Oh wait you feel a little different now, why is that? Because now you see the people being hurt instead of a little bag of meth that seems harmless. You see the bruises and the pain and death in black and white. Well at least it can’t get any worse right? You have to finish your show. You can’t stop now, you don’t want to miss a second of it remember. You are committed because this is what is important. Its what you want.

Season 3

You struggle with your decisions. You were once a good man, not capable of any of this. Now your a murderer, a liar, a heart breaker, and you make bad things happen. They aren’t happening anymore because you worried about your family, they happen now because of your greed and how it makes you feel. You feel powerful selling the women. In a fit of rage you start burning your money, but then put out the fire because you see the precious money (a sort of trophy) burning away into nothing, just like you will. You start to feel a deep emotion that here is a legacy you want to leave behind. Your wife knows that you are a trafficker now and she wants a divorce. You move out and still feel like she is overreacting. You pick up your partner from rehab who tells you that you have to accept who you are and that he is the bad guy. You realize that you are too, but you don’t accept it yet. You don’t respect your wife and move back in against her wishes causing her pain. Your plan backfires when she goes to have sex with her boss and comes home and blatantly tells that to your face right before dinner. You are mad and decide to try and take it out on the man giving your “wife” care. You fail and get thrown out of his office. You attempted to get out, but when your partner jesse sells the same underage virgin girls as you, you get territorial and the idea to sell comes back again. Now that you are ready to sell the preteens with no one attempting to force you the large distributer gives you your own state of the art facility to lure the girls into and prepare them for sale. This allows you to sell mass quantities of innocent girls much easier and make even more money from it. Everyone loves your girls because no one else can get girls as pure as yours. Others are only around 70% pure while you have 96% and above pure girls. They are almost all virgins and young while others are more around the age of 14-19 and are not virgins. You now are turning on your partner, cutting him out of the sales because of your greed and anger. This makes it bad between you two. Who is left in your life really? You meet one nice guy in your lab. Your new partner is a young smart man who really admires your knowledge and you begins to teach him your methods for abducting women. You learn that the DEA is catching on to you so you order your old RV to be destroyed. Your partner learns about this and gets mad and confronts you because he was going to use it to sell girls out of and he accidentally led DEA officers to you. Now you are hiding in the RV as your brother-in-law tries to get in. To get him out of there you fake a phone call and make him believe his wife is dying from a car accident. So now you have scares the man tremendously, but now also he is at risk from the cartel because he killed your old distributer because you got him involved previously. He had caught wind and went out to where you were held captive and he killed him in a gun fight. His cartel cousins now want him dead, because of decisions you made in your greed. Your fake call makes your brother in law attack and brutally assault your old partner jesse. The two cousins that want your brother in law dead go for him. They shoot him in the arm, side, and twice in the chest. He manages to subdue one by running him over and barely kills the other one with the subdued ones gun before he is chopped up by an axe. This is all in response to decision you had previously made. All the people killed by those brothers would still be alive also if they didn’t have a reason to come here. So there are an extra 40 people dead, not to mention a dying brother-in-law. You continue with business. You agree to a yearly deal with your new distributer making large sums of money and decide to pay for you brother in laws medical bills. It is your fault anyway. People will wonder where your money comes from though so you lie more. You decide to buy the car wash business and launder money through there. You are so stressed you almost kill yourself trying to kill a fly. Your partner learns that the distributer he works for is the one that used a kid to kill his friend and then he also has the same kid killed. He is on a rampage and is about to start a trafficking turf war, but you go and kill them with your car right before it happens and then start running. You continue selling with your new partner as Jesse is on the run. You find out that the new partner is trying to learn how you sell the girls and lure them in and as soon as he does you will die. Then you find out he knows already and they are about to kill you. So you call your old partner and he rushes just in time to kill your new partner saving your life because they now don’t know how you sell get your pure virgin girls. The body count rises because of you, again.

That was season 3. Everything is starting to spin out of control and there is little you can do about it now. People are dying and lying every second all because you were greedy. You sell your innocent girls and then they become raped preteens addicted to drugs and made to do any lure act demanded. Lets keep watching, were getting to the good parts.


Breaking Bad: Journey Into Trafficking (Part 2 of 5)

In continuing this 5 part story we look back and remember that you were just a regular person, but when put in a pinch you were led to do horrible extremes, steal and sell women for money. This is what people care about every week though keep in mind. They love the violence, danger, and deceit. Now we will continue with this blood money as we see a new “Breaking Bad.”

Season 2

You have just watched the man paying you beat to death one of his employes. You are not afraid, but still want to sell more girls. You do the math, you need $737,000 in order to take care of all your families expenses. You figure out it will be 11 more loads of women in order to meet that goal. Now you are really realizing what you got yourself into and with none to tell but your partner you lash out by being overly physical with your pregnant wife in a sexual manner. Your partner tells you he wants to kill the distributer before he kills them and he can not even figure out how to open the gun he bought. Your wife lashes out at her sister because she is not receiving support from anyone while you are out creating convincing a girl to kill someone for you, the distributer. You think of coming clean to your wife, but then go outside to meet your partner only to be abducted by the distributer holding him at gunpoint. Your family is worried about you and have no idea what you are really into. The distributor tells you he wants to have sex and you try to get him to go with the girl that will kill him, but he wants the ones you normally bring in. When that fails he learns that you were going to kill him so he is about to shoot you when badly you get the upper hand and get his gun and kill him, now theres another dead body in your trail. You then almost get caught as your DEA brother gets in a fire fight with the dying distributer. You are forced to run into the dessert to avoid being caught after you put him at risk to. You fake amnesia to explain why you were gone so long to your family, and then make another lie to the doctor so he would release you from care. You have to sneak into your own house to steal cash before you are released because everything is time sensitive now. You lie all the time now. You lie about having a second cel phone. Now your partner is calling the house because he is homeless. Now your homelike is in shackles and you make it worse. Worst of it all with everything you have done and everything that has happened you have almost no money to show for it. Now some junkies stole one of your girls so you instruct your partner to kill him. Your old friends are becoming distant memories now. Though the murder didn’t happen like people think it did you instruct your partner to use it as fear for others. When one of your sellers is caught you make a plan to get him out. You have him narc on a fake Heisenberg and the DEA arrests an innocent man. You now have a dirty lawyer to help you out and he teaches you how to launder money. You decide to do a huge sell and you get a few buss loads of girls, but then realize that the battery to get them all home is dead and your stuck just waiting to get caught by a passerby. You feel like your going to die soon thats why you are out there. You get it working and go to the doctors. You learn that you are healing and your tumor is going away, Could everything have been for nothing? You cry alone starring at yourself in the mirror. You find yourself feeling different now, even though you know you can stop, this makes you mad at yourself. At the store you see someone getting things to go steal girls and you follow him outside and warn him to stay out of your territory. This is when it changes for you. Now you like it. You just need to admit it to yourself now and continue with all the lies. You agree to have the rest of the tumor surgically removed before it spreads more. You get a meeting through your lawyer with a man who will buy your girls in bulk. He isn’t interested until he sees how young and pretty they are. Then he agrees to buy the virgins. He gives you one hour to get the girls where he wants them. At that time your pregnant wife texts you and tells you she is having the baby. You stop for a brief second and smile, but then decide that selling the girls is more important. He makes the deal and misses the birth of his baby girl. You are blackmailed by your junkie partners junkie girlfriend to give them his share of the money. You wouldn’t because you knew they’d die with it from too much drugs. Later that night you go back to talk to your partner and both of them are strung out. You see his girlfriend begins to suffocate from one of the trafficked girls smothering her. You almost help, but then you stop and watch her die. Serves her right? You stop at a bar on the way out and talk to a man about family problems. He says his daughter is a sex addict that is getting clean the next day. Its not till later you discover that this was her father. You then find a man to cover the incident up for him. You decide to use your sons website that takes donations to help you to launder money into your account. You get your sex trafficking money into your lives and make your son happy with no one the wiser. The father of the girl is grieving and goes back to work where he is an air traffic controller. He makes a bad call and two planes collide throwing debris everywhere. Now you are the reason all those people are dead. 

That was season 2. You don’t feel too good about yourself now do you?


Breaking Bad: Journey Into Trafficking (Part 1 of 5)

Many people know that sex trafficking exists. Many also like to glamorize and emphasize the victims. Often time people feel better when they listen to a story about a victim and then give a dollar to a homeless person (afterwards wondering if they were really homeless at all). People don’t generally care enough about the issue even when there are many organizations shouting it with their lungs and the business has a multi-billion dollar a year income. However, people today cannot miss a second of their Television shows. That is what is important in modern society. The media glamorizes TV stars and music artists to the point to where people begin to idolize them. Lets take a popular TV show and edit it to fit the sex trafficking scenario. However we will not fawn over the victim in order to make ourselves feel better for taking no action, instead we will look through the perpetrators eyes and see the death, pain, fear, and violence that we all demand and love so much. Lets edit the show “Breaking Bad” and look through the eyes of Walter White as “. We are going to turn him into “You” and his meth into “girls.”

Season 1

You live your happy suburban life. You remember that once you mattered to a lot of people and you liked that feeling. You now are a teacher for students that could care less. You get embarrassed when they see you also working at a car wash building. Your birthday is here and your spouse shapes your veggie bacon into the shape of your age. Though not perfect, you have accepted this life. Even though you are under-appreciated and humiliated by your students this is your life. You have a surprise party that you were late for because you were washing tires at your second job. Your hot shot DEA brother is present and you learn he busted a sex trafficking ring and confiscated $700,000. That is a lot compared to both your jobs combined and triples times two. The next day you fall at work and go to the doctors where they tell you you have cancer and will die. You are afraid of death, but are now thinking about your family and what they will be left with. You are too proud to ask for a handout  so you decide to make sell people with a kid you had in class once that you knew saw leave a ring that got busted on your ride along. You then steal supplies from the chemistry lab at your school and go out in the dessert and prepare the victims to be sold. The younger the better because clients want the purest stuff. Then your partner gets you into trouble with other traffickers and you are forced to kill them before they kill you. Now you seem innocent enough if your character is added to everything, but in black and white you are preparing and selling girls as well as a murderer and a liar to your family and DEA brother in law. Then one of the traffickers is alive so you through them in a car and buy items to melt the body away. All the while your partner rapes the women because he is addicted to it. When you find out jesse told the girl about you you kick his door in and see him raping another girl and he throws her out the window to get rid of her. Now you are dealing with an unreliable partner that could get you caught and you have to hide everything and pretend that cancer is whats on your mind. Your wife thinks you are having an affair (if she only knew) and has an intervention for you. To satisfy her and hold onto your sanity you agree to do the therapy for your cancer. Later when you aren’t making enough money selling the girls one at a time you decide to sell them in bulk and find a big distributer. When he beats up your partner and steals your girls you get mad and go blow up his building and take your money plus more. After getting your money and winning the confrontation you finally feel the rush and excitement of doing this business, you no longer are only worried about getting caught. Now you have a bi-weekly quota to fill and you have to come up with new ways to get ahold of the girls because they learn your old tricks and watch out for them. You decide to steal a warehouse full of them in the middle of the night while they had an adventurous sleepover. You meet your quota for a man that regularly beats and kills him employees.

That is season one. How do you feel now?




The song “Little Lady” by Mikill Pane and Ed Sheeran is the topic of discussion today. This song is about a topic that I consider to be very important. The topic of the song is sex trafficking. That is another reason for the name of this article. Though harsh and unseemly, the title is simple, fierce, unsettling and relevant. The dictionary definition of “Fuck” is, “1. To have sexual intercourse with, 2. To ruin or damage.” With sex trafficking that word does not begin to depict the depth and the forced-harshness-uncaring life of the girl depicted in the song.


The song depicts a young girl who did not have many options in life in her mother’s eyes. The mother sent her daughter with her brother (the girl’s uncle) to London, “…Mother had to get you out of the motherland to study, that was all she struggled to have a single daughter with the upper-hand,”


The song continues in letting you know that her uncle decided he could pimp her out and make some extra cash. We learn this about halfway through the song after we listen to how much she gets beaten and the emotional toll it takes on her and how almost completely alone she is because of the fear she has for her life. The story tells us that the nurse examining her calls the police and they try to talk to her. The song goes into her head to try and see what she is thinking when the police are talking to her, “… He’s talking to you like you’re worth more than a dirty whore, you’re having a conversation you could be murdered for,” After the police officer gives her his card, she heads home. She then realizes that she was followed home. A knife is put up to her neck and she is booted through the door. As she falls her purse spills all over the floor and that is when he sees the police officer’s card on the floor. The uncle then kills her and dumps her in the trunk of his Mercedes. The song ends by giving a harsh look at the entire situation with the lyrics, “…Little Lady left this earth in the worst way, all because she got a card on her 13th birthday.”


The context of this song makes you think of all these horrible, dirty places she has to go to as well as envision all the terrible things she has to experience. The experiences go further than just getting raped and degraded by a number of men that can almost reach 11,000 in just one year. That is an average of 30 men a day for a entire year. This is also over 13 times the total population of the Vatican City.


She also has to go through the trauma of having her uncle, her family, take control of her and force her to do these terrible things. She also has to feel the hopelessness of talking to police and not being able to feel safe like she should be able to. We feel alone as she does and we pity her. Mikill Pane and Ed Sheeran accomplish their goals of targeting their audience with these strategies of putting it all in your mind, upfront, unable to hide from it. The intended audience is everyone and the goal is to make an impact on anyone that is worth something, to where they will care enough to spread the message.



The Red Ballon Interpretation and Summary

For this Video Rhetorical Analysis I will discuss the 1956 classic film, “The Red Balloon”. This is a film is a fantasy featurette. It runs 34 minutes long. It won a vast amount of awards including an Oscar. The director Albert Lamorisse’s children play rolls in the film. His son Pascal Lamorisse plays the lead roll in the film. Albert’s daughter Sabine Lamorisse plays a secondary character.


She is a girl who is similar to Pascal and has a similar “Blue” balloon as Pascal’s “Red” balloon. The film has very little dialogue, but has a music score that lasts throughout the film. The plot of the film is about Pascal finding a red balloon on his way to school. Pascal realizes that the balloon is alive in a way because it starts following him around. They begin traveling together.


They go through the streets of Paris, to church, to school, home, etc. Many people and children see the pair together and either becomes jealous, or scarred. The mother would not let the balloon in the house and the children became mad that he had a strange friend and they didn’t. In both instances people tried to push the balloon away from Pascal’s life. The gang of kids eventually pops the red balloon, which causes a chain of events to occur that you can find out by watching the 34-minute film (I can’t spoil the ending).


To give a hint to the ending, Pascal meets a girl named Sabine (Pascal’s sister) who has a blue balloon as a companion that is much like his red balloon friend. I find this film interesting not only because of it’s interesting artistic aspects throughout, but also because of the subtle, yet loud messages I take from it. In a way this depicts the actions and thought processes of mankind. This though process being this in retrospect “I do not know what this is, I do not understand this, I am afraid of this because I am oblivious to information about it, so I must resort to violence to destroy it or be passive and block it from my life whatsoever and turn a blind-eye.” This is the way life has been for countless ages which is shown in history countless times, as well as modern times. I like that this film makes the viewer start to second-guess this subconscious fear of the unknown. It tries to make the viewer feel “if I am afraid of the unknown, then I would be afraid of this sentient balloon. But I know that a balloon is not dangerous, so maybe these other unknown factors in my life that I am subconsciously afraid of aren’t as dangerous as I feel them to be and I should not turn from them or hurt them, but rather learn as much as I can and embrace them until I can learn for myself.” This is a great film-short that is appropriate for all ages, has important human qualities to study, and is also entertaining.

The Red Balloon (4)